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NOVA RICO, over fifty years of work and passion

NOVA RICO, a company founded in 1955 based in Florence (Italy), pioneer of the Italian industrial production of geographic globes for the educational, stationery and library sector, became part of TECNODIDATTICA SpA brands portfolio in 2012, to enrich its products range. NOVA RICO globes comply with all applicable safety and quality standards, in particular the non-illuminated globes fulfill the toys safety requirements, while the globes with light are conformed to the lighting regulations and TÜV certified.

TECNODIDATTICA S.p.A. has four brands with a wide choice of globes in various sizes, from Ø 11cm to Ø 128cm. Political and geographic data are continuously updated and map text is translated in more than 30 languages including Japanese, Thai, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Gaelic and Swahili.

Each brand has got a different personality and target :

  • TECNODIDATTICA is dedicated to the stationery, toys and educational segment of supermarkets
  • NOVA RICO is dedicated to the traditional stationery, gift and home decoration market;
  • ATMOSPHERE CLASSIC is dedicated to the high quality stationery, educational and gift market;
  • ATMOSPHERE NEW WORLD is dedicated to the innovative gift market and home design decoration, represented by a collection of stylish and contemporary globes designed by talented designers.

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